In response to the conviction of pro-democracy protesters Alex Chow, Nathan Law, and Joshua Wong, Freedom House issued the following statement.

In response to the murder in Kyiv of Pavel Sheremet, an award-winning independent journalist, Freedom House issued the following statement:

Seven SABC journalists and one contracted freelance journalist were fired between July 18-19 for protesting an SABC management decision not to report on violent protests.

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Protests in Ethiopia. Credit: (Flickr/Creative Commons).

July 22, 2016

Amid discontent, sometimes violent protests, and a drought of historic proportions, the Ethiopian government is tightening its stranglehold on domestic politics.

On July 19, 2016 a Brazilian court issued a nationwide ban on the messaging app WhatsApp. 

After the failed coup against the elected government, Turkey has began a purge of thousands of judges and civil servants, blocked news media outlets, and threatened to restore the death penalty.

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