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6.3 million people
3,480 USD GNI (PPP)
Partly Free

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El Salvador's Constitutional Court latest landmark decision overturned the 1993 amnesty law pardoning war crimes committed during the country's civil war. 

“Most Dangerous Country” may be the least desirable title in the world and yet the one that Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala often battle for, leading to thousands of people from Central America’s northern triangle seeking refuge in other countries, including the United States. Aid being provided to those countries has focused almost solely on security, not on strengthening the rule of law and thus human rights, the weaknesses that make these countries vulnerable to violence.

The current state of media freedom in Latin America was driven home in early May, when three journalists were murdered in Mexico within a week of World Press Freedom Day. This dramatic example underscores a larger trend identified by Freedom House in the recently released Freedom of the Press 2012 report, which noted that a range of negative developments over the past decade have left media freedom on the defensive in much of Central and South America.

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