PR Political Rights 38 40
CL Civil Liberties 59 60
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Political Rights Rating: 1

Civil Liberties Rating: 1

Freedom Rating: 1

Freedom Status: Free

Electoral Democracy: Yes

header2 Introduction

A series of major strikes took place in Iceland during the year, and public and private employers struggled to reach agreements with unions about higher wages. Although the refugee crisis confronting Europe did not heavily affect Iceland, the issue of asylum dominated public dialogue in August and September, when the public launched an initiative to increase the government’s annual quota for resettlement. Separately, the special prosecutor’s office continued pursuing cases against former bank officials accused of malfeasance related to the 2008 financial crash. The office is scheduled to be abolished in 2016, with the district prosecutor absorbing its responsibilities.

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    94 100 free
  • Internet Freedom Score

    95 100 free