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The prison sentences reportedly handed down to six men in Oman for criticizing the government online are another worrying sign of escalating efforts by the government to tighten its control online and offline following Arab Spring-inspired unrest. Oman must reverse the sentences against the six men, and repeal all laws that criminalize defamation.

The one-year prison sentence against 12 Omanis for “illegal gathering” is another troubling sign of escalating efforts by the government to tighten its grip on power, which has been shaken by months of Arab-Spring inspired unrest.

The capability of repressive governments to monitor users of mobile phones and block access to internet content is far beyond levels realized by users and presents significant risks for user privacy and safety, according to a new report released today by Freedom House and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). This is a serious problem in countries that lack the rule of law and where civil liberties are not respected.

Freedom House strongly condemns the sentencing of four peaceful protesters accused of insulting the Sultan and calls for their immediate release.


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