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The recent flood of arrests of human rights defenders in Oman, including 22 individuals who remain in custody after participating in a peaceful protest on June 11, is a worrying indication of the deteriorating conditions for freedom of expression in the Gulf nation.  Freedom House urges authorities to immediately release and drop all charges against the protesters, and to implement meaningful reforms to secure free speech without fear of unjust prosecution.

Freedom House is worried for the safety and well-being of Omani activist Ammar Al Mamari, a law student in Jordan, who was recently threatened with deportation if he does not stop his activism.  If Al Mamari is forced to return to Oman, he will be unable to complete his studies and is likely to face formal charges.

Freedom House supports recent demands by local journalists and freedom of expression advocates in the Middle East and North African region for reform of state media organizations as well as the repeal of restrictive media laws and condemns increased crackdowns on journalists during the current political turmoil.

On the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, Freedom House recognizes the equal rights of women globally and particularly calls upon governments in the Middle East and North Africa, where women experience the lowest levels of fundamental rights, to fulfill their commitments to gender equality.


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