People in Tiraspol, Transnistria. Editorial credit: Martyn Jandula /


Transnistria is a breakaway region of Moldova in which ethnic Russians and Ukrainians together outnumber ethnic Moldovans. The territory has enjoyed de facto independence since a brief military conflict in 1992, though it is internationally recognized as a part of Moldova. Its government and economy are heavily dependent on subsidies from Russia, which maintains a military presence and peacekeeping mission in the territory. Political competition is limited, and the dominant party is aligned with powerful local business interests. Impartiality and pluralism of opinion in media is very limited, and authorities closely control civil society activity.

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Freedom in the World — Transnistria Country Report

Transnistria is rated Not Free in Freedom in the World, Freedom House's annual study of political rights and civil liberties worldwide.

* Indicates a territory as opposed to an independent country.