Press release

Freedom House Welcomes New Trustee

Freedom House, the nation’s leading prodemocracy organization, today welcomed Dionisio Gutiérrez to its Board of Trustees.

“Dionisio Gutiérrez will bring an important perspective to Freedom House,” said Secretary Michael Chertoff, chairman of its Board of Trustees. “He will strengthen our understanding of democracy and freedom in Latin America and help us as we work to empower citizens to exercise their rights and push back against repression, and promote our core conviction that freedom flourishes in democratic countries where leaders are held accountable for their actions. We are honored that he has agreed to offer his talents and wisdom to Freedom House.”

Dr. Dionisio Gutiérrez is a Guatemalan businessman, activist, and communications specialist and is currently president of Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo. He began working in his family business at age 17, ultimately helping transform it into the multinational corporation, Corporación Multi Inversiones.

In 2006, Gutiérrez created the Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo, an independent think tank dedicated to the study and analysis of social, economic, and political issues to promote values and principles of a free society. Its goal is to develop long-term policy proposals for Central America.

In addition to his business leadership, Gutiérrez has hosted numerous television shows since 1990. He currently hosts the talk show Razón de Estado, which is broadcast in Guatemala and parts of Central America and the United States and encourages thoughtful debate among civil society leaders in the region.

He serves on the Georgetown University Latin American Council, the Johns Hopkins University Latin American Initiative, and the boards of the Harvard Kennedy School, Fundación International para la Libertad, Atlantic Institute of Government, and Escuela de Gobierno in Guatemala.

Freedom House speaks out against the main threats to democracy and empowers citizens to exercise their fundamental rights through a unique combination of analysis, advocacy, and direct support to frontline defenders of freedom, especially those working in closed authoritarian societies. Founded in 1941, Freedom House was the first American organization to champion the advancement of freedom globally. Working as an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world, Freedom House is notable for its nonpartisan character and commitment to maintaining support for its mission among members of both major US political parties. We recognize that freedom is possible only in democratic political environments where governments are accountable to their own people; the rule of law prevails; and freedoms of expression, association, and belief, are guaranteed for all.

Freedom House’s board of trustees has had many prominent members over the past seven decades. Some of them include civil rights attorney Charles Morgan, Jr.; pioneering Black labor leader and civil rights activist A. Philip Randolph; civil rights and human rights activist Bayard Rustin; diplomat and negotiator Sol Linowitz; Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan; lawyer and public servant William H. Taft IV; union leader Daniel J. Tobin; investor and author Peter Ackerman; Saturday Review editor Norman Cousins; NPR political correspondent Mara Liasson; author Bette Bao Lord, who received the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Human Rights in 1998; author and political satirist P.J. O’Rourke; famed detective novelist Rex Stout; anti-Nazi journalist Dorothy Thompson; and foreign policy scholar Paul Seabury.