China Media Bulletin

A monthly update of press freedom news and analysis related to China

Freedom House’s monthly China Media Bulletin provides unique insight on censorship, media freedom, and internet freedom issues related to the People’s Republic of China. Drawing on both English and Chinese-language sources, each issue includes:

  • A feature article offering analysis on a major development or emerging trend
  • A photo that was circulated widely in China—but then censored
  • Succinct summaries of important news related to print journalism, broadcast media, internet censorship, netizen activism, and upcoming legislation
  • A “Beyond China” section tracking the Chinese government’s growing engagement in censorship, propaganda, and media investments around the world
  • A “What to Watch For” section flagging upcoming events and potential trends

Since its inception in 2010, the China Media Bulletin has informed tens of thousands of readers in over 40 countries—including journalists, policymakers, scholars, business executives, and interested citizens.

The Most Censored Meme of 2015
This image of Winnie the Pooh in a toy car—a spoof on photos of President Xi Jinping inspecting troops during a military parade—emerged as the most censored post of 2015 on the Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo. It was shared over 65,000 times within just 70 minutes before being deleted by censors. Credit: Weiboscope /The Nanfang.


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  • 特寫:北京2016年審查的重點
  • 獨立新聞在中國艱難求生
  • 少數民族因言論表達而遭拘禁的人數超過活動人士和記者的人數
  • 收緊對微信、流影像、以及外國技術公司的審查
  • 香港:來自北京的干預對媒體的寒蟬效應
  • 中國之外:‘網路主權’,孔子學院教室,一些讓步
  • 2017年展望
  • Feature: Beijing’s top censorship priorities in 2016
  • Minorities outnumber activists, journalists in expression-related incarcerations
  • Censors tighten grip on WeChat, video streaming, and foreign tech firms
  • 心甘情願的代理人把中共的言論審查帶向世界
  • 對美國總統大選的報導限制、譏諷、以及網友反應
  • 當局壓制有關烏坎鎮壓的新聞
  • 審查的最新情況:重要網站被關或被禁,封鎖死人消息,刪除人權律師夏霖被重判的消息
  • 泛民主政治人物、藝術家在香港及境外均面臨報復
  • 駭客趨勢,美國互聯網受襲,外國媒體機構受到壓力,好萊塢看重賺錢
  • 未來看點
  • 心甘情愿的代理人把中共的言论审查带向世界
  • 对美国总统大选的报道限制、讥讽、以及网友反应
  • 当局压制有关乌坎镇压的新闻
  • 审查的最新情况:重要网站被关或被禁,封锁死人消息,删除人权律师夏霖被重判的消息
  • 泛民主政治人物、艺术家在香港及境外均面临报复
  • 黑客趋势,美国互联网受袭,外国媒体机构受到压力,好莱坞看重赚钱
  • 未来看点
  • Feature: Willing Proxies Give China’s Censors a Global Reach
  • Restrictions, mockery, and netizen reactions accompany U.S. presidential debates


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