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Freedom House issued the following statement in anticipation of Saturday’s elections in Lesotho. 

Freedom House strongly condemns the unconstitutional attempt by the army to remove Lesotho's democratically-elected leaders from power.

The decision of the Court of Appeal to uphold the discriminatory section of the Chieftainship Act so that first-born daughters cannot inherit chieftainship is a step backwards for gender equality in Lesotho.

On October 11 and 12, the AU will meet in an extraordinary summit to discuss pulling out of the Rome Statute, the agreement that created the ICC. Such a decision would have major implications both for ICC itself and for accountability for perpetrators of human rights abuses in Africa and around the world. The nearly three dozen African countries that are currently party to the Rome Statute must vote against this proposal and reaffirm their commitment to justice for victims, an end to impunity at the highest levels for the gravest crimes, and an international system that supports the rule of law.


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