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Freedom House issued the following statement in response to Paraguay’s President Horacio Cartes move to force Parliament to allow his re-election, in violation of the country’s Constitution.

Distinguished Fellow for Democracy Studies

During the years after World War II, a phenomenon emerged in several countries of communist Eastern Europe called “anti-Semitism without Jews.” Although the Holocaust had all but annihilated Jewish populations throughout the region, postwar communist regimes exploited lingering anti-Jewish sentiment to divert attention from their failures. Communist leaders would not, of course, refer directly to Jews when they denounced the enemies of socialism. They spoke instead of “cosmopolitan elements,” or used other stock phrases that evoked the notion of Jews as outsiders with suspect loyalties. The fact that few Jews—and no Jewish capitalists—remained in these countries was of little importance. When the leadership encountered difficulties, blaming the Jews remained a tried-and-true means of deflecting public frustrations over the lack of prosperity or freedom. Today, something similar is under way in Latin America, though Jews are not the chosen scapegoat. The pattern in this case could be described as “anti-imperialism without imperialists.”

Freedom House denounces the decision by Paraguay’s parliament to impeach President Fernando Lugo and calls for the restoration of Lugo’s presidency, allowing him to serve out the remainder of his term which was scheduled to end in April 2013.

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