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Semi-Consolidated Democracy
DEMOCRACY-PERCENTAGE Democracy Percentage 57.14 100
DEMOCRACY-SCORE Democracy Score 4.43 7
Last Year's Democracy Percentage & Status
59 100 Semi-Consolidated Democracy
The ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 7, with 7 representing the highest level of democratic progress and 1 the lowest. The Democracy Score is an average of ratings for the categories tracked in a given year. The Democracy Percentage, introduced in 2020, is a translation of the Democracy Score to the 0-100 scale, where 0 equals least democratic and 100 equals most democratic. See the methodology.

header1 Score changes in 2019

  • National Democratic Governance score declined from 4.25 to 4.00. Social Democratic Party leader Liviu Dragnea’s informal grip on the government tightened, despite being convicted on abuse of power charges. Under his rule, contentious judicial and penal code reforms were rushed through parliament in 2018.
  • Civil Society score declined from 5.75 to 5.50. The government imposed onerous reporting requirements on NGOs in 2018, while also reducing their ability to receive financial support from both the state and business entities. In addition, a mass demonstration against official corruption was violently dispersed by police in August.
  • Corruption score declined from 4.25 to 4.00. A culture of impunity continues to protect corrupt officials. In July, the government dismissed of top corruption prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, crippling the country’s National Anti-Corruption Directorate, which had secured the conviction of several criminal politicians under her leadership.

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