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United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson embarks on first trip to Sub-Saharan Africa as secretary, traveling to Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nigeria starting March 6.

Former Chadian ruler Hissene Habre has been convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Senegal backed by the African Union.

A Chadian court convicted four civil society activists on April 13 for disturbing public order and other charges related to peaceful protests organized in the lead up to presidential elections.

Freedom House issued the following statement in advance of Chad’s April 10 presidential elections, which may extend President Idriss Deby’s 26 years in power.


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Special Reports

Worst of the Worst 2011: The World's Most Repressive Societies

Freedom House has prepared this special report entitled Worst of the Worst: The World’s Most Repressive Societies, as a companion to its annual survey on the state of global political rights and civil liberties, Freedom in the World. The special report provides summary country reports, tables, and graphical information on the countries that receive the lowest combined ratings for political rights and civil liberties in Freedom in the World, and whose citizens endure systematic and pervasive human rights violations.

Freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa 2007

Freedom House released an analysis of democracy in sub-Saharan Africa showing that the region has experienced notable increases in freedom over the past generation, although more setbacks than gains were seen in 2006.


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