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Russian authorities continue to tightly restrict media in Crimea.

Russia adds Crimean Tatar activist and blogger Nariman Memedeminov to its long list of political prisoners. 

crimea tatars rally

The recent harassment and arrests of civic activists from the Crimean Tatar community represents yet another serious abuse of power. 

 crimea human rights defender emil kurbedinov

Crimean Tatar human rights lawyer Emil Kurbedinov faces accusations of allegedly displaying “extremist” symbols. 


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Ending Impunity for Human Rights Violations in Crimea

Despite the hopes raised by the Euromaidan movement and improvements in many facets of life and governance in Ukraine, the last two years have brought the occupation of Crimea, armed conflict in parts of eastern Ukraine, and ongoing abuses, corruption, and political unrest.

Human Rights Abuses in Russian-Occupied Crimea

In March 2014, Russia forcefully and illegally annexed the Crimean peninsula from the territory of Ukraine. Crimea’s residents have since faced increasingly grave civic, political, and human rights violations.


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