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In response to the murder in Kyiv of Pavel Sheremet, an award-winning independent journalist, Freedom House issued the following statement:

Russia has released Nadiya Savchenko, a Ukrainian helicopter pilot who was captured by Russian-backed forces in eastern Ukraine in 2014 and sentenced to 22 years in prison.

masked men in the eastern city of Zaporizhzhya assaulted Anatoliy Ostapenko, a journalist affiliated with the independent media outlet Hromadske Zaporizhzhya.

The coming year holds the possibility of both positive developments and troubling setbacks for press freedom worldwide. 


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Ending Impunity for Human Rights Violations in Crimea

Despite the hopes raised by the Euromaidan movement and improvements in many facets of life and governance in Ukraine, the last two years have brought the occupation of Crimea, armed conflict in parts of eastern Ukraine, and ongoing abuses, corruption, and political unrest.


Freedom House запрошує подавати заявки на грант у рамках однорічної програми фінансування, розвитку спроможності та технічної допомоги незалежним медіа в Україні. Кінцевий термін подачі заявок до Freedom House - 1 липня 2016 року до 17:00 EST. 


Freedom House invites applications for participation in a one-year independent media funding, capacity development, and technical assistance program.  Applications must be submitted by Friday, July 1.


Freedom House works in Ukraine to protect professional and citizen journalists, to empower and support their efforts to impartially cover developments in Ukraine, and to uncover corruption.