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Freedom House condemns the Ecuadorian government's decision to fine the media outlet La Hora for failing to publish a story about an accountability report published by the Loja major. 

Freedom in the World 2015 found that the main factors driving the decline were the passage and use of restrictive laws against the media and and limits on the ability of local and foreign journalists to report freely within a given country.

Freedom House interviewed Xavier Bonilla—a cartoonist known by the pen name Bonil who has come under attack from the government of Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa.

Alexander Brockwehl
Program Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean

A thin-skinned Ecuadorian government continues its campaign against a veteran political cartoonist. 



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In less than five years since taking office, President Rafael Correa has turned Ecuador into one of the more restrictive countries for freedom of expression in Latin America and taken steps to assault freedom of association.