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Since 2011, Freedom House has rated Mexico “Not Free” in its annual Freedom of the Press report primarily because of ongoing violence against journalists carried out with impunity. Freedom House´s program in Mexico seeks to help journalists better protect themselves and works with civil society to promote and protect free expression.

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116 million people
9,420 USD GNI (PPP)
Partly Free
Not Free
Partly Free

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Humberto Moreira, former Governor of Coahuila, Mexico, is suing journalist Sergio Aguayo for alleged "moral damages." 

En respuesta a una campaña de difamación contra los defensores de derechos humanos en México, incluyendo a la directora nacional de Freedom House, Mariclaire Acosta, Freedom House emite la siguient

In recent months, a series of news articles and reports have been published alleging that various human rights defenders, including Mariclaire Acosta and Executive Secretary of the IACHR Emilio Alvarez Icaza, are members of a “mafia group” working with organized crime or benefitting financially from the decisions of the courts or international panels. 

Mexico remains one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists. Mariclaire Acosta, director for Freedom House’s program in Mexico City,  talks here about the interconnected crises of security, press freedom, and accountability.


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