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robert kyagulanyi uganda member of parliament

Violence and arrests following local campaign events appear to be part of the Ugandan security force's practice of targeting dissenting voices.

The spread of repressive policies has implications for U.S. security interests in the region.

Uganda's Speaker of Parliament blocks efforts to repeal the Constitution's age limit for presidential candidates.

Ugandan police raided an LGBTI Pride event in Kampala and detained participantson August 4. 



Senior Director for Program Strategy, Development and Learning

Vukasin Petrovic serves as the Senior Director for Program Strategy and as the Technical Director for USAID funded Human Rights Support Mechanism.

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Freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa 2007

Freedom House released an analysis of democracy in sub-Saharan Africa showing that the region has experienced notable increases in freedom over the past generation, although more setbacks than gains were seen in 2006.


Advancing human rights for key populations in Uganda

Freedom House led a four-day International Joint Partnership Freedom of Expression mission to Uganda to examine the country’s freedom of expression environment in 2010.