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Europe and Eurasia programs

Freedom House works in Europe and Eurasia to protect professional and citizen journalists, to bolster activist capacity, and to support LGBTI rights activists.


Freedom House is actively engaged in promoting justice sector reform and strengthening independent media in Moldova. We convene journalists, lawyers, civil society and government representatives to discuss challenges to justice sector reform, help build a strong and transparent judiciary, and promote the rule of law. In partnership with the Internews Network, we advocate for a legal and regulatory environment for media in Moldova that upholds respect for freedom of expression, and work with media support organizations to improve their capacity, strengthen innovation, and foster broader engagement with civil society.


Freedom House works in Ukraine to protect professional and citizen journalists, to empower and support their efforts to impartially cover developments in Ukraine, and to uncover corruption. 

Freedom House recently released an assessment of freedom of expression in Ukraine during its 2013 chairmanship of the OSCE, which found that key protections for journalists and the media are lacking, the media is suffering a crisis of journalistic standards, and oligarchs shamelessly exploit media for personal power and gain. In 2011 and 2012, Freedom House conducted high-level missions to assess democratic developments in Ukraine and participated in a press freedom mission. These reports can be found here

Call for Proposals

Freedom House is currently seeking proposals from both rising and experienced independent researchers based in Ukraine for forward-looking briefs that focus on media and human rights issues. For information on the theme and submitting a statement of interest, please click here.

Shining a Light on Corruption in Ukraine

Logo for Nikorupciji.orgThrough our program, Shining a Light on Corruption in Ukraine, we train and support citizen journalists and activists on investigating corruption and provide a platform for publishing and distributing their investigative reports so that they can reach a wider audience. Freedom House works with the Institute for Mass Information (IMI) in Ukraine to improve coverage of corruption, to inject a public discussion about corruption and governance into local affairs through citizen journalism, and to provide a platform for investigations of local-level corruption to be published and distributed.

We conduct workshops to train activists, bloggers, and journalists to conduct investigations and write about corruption. Dozens of activists, bloggers, and journalists have participated in the basic- and advanced-level workshops so far with more planned in the near future. We are also hoping to make our curriculum available to a broader group of activists and bloggers by beginning a distance education program to be completed online.

Together with IMI, we sponsor a platform – – that publishes news and investigative articles on corruption. Workshop participants, civil-society activists, citizen journalists, and others contribute to the platform with articles and video reports about investigations, news on corruption, columns and blogs, and are developing an online community of anti-corruption activists and journalists. This platform has been a key outlet for Ukrainian activists to disseminate information about local affairs on a wider level and a nexus of information for citizens in the Ukraine’s regions.

Defending LGBT Rights in Ukraine

Through our work in Defending LGBTI Rights in Ukraine, we have helped developed the campaigning capacities of LGBTI rights advocates and amplified their message through advocacy at the national and international levels.Freedom House supports LGBTI rights activists in Ukraine and advocates on the national and international level for respect for the rights of LGBT people and activists by the Ukrainian authorities. Upcoming initiatives on LGBTI rights in Ukraine include building the capacity of Ukrainian LGBTI rights advocates to engage the media to improve coverage of LGBTI people and LGBTI rights on- and off-line. By harnessing Freedom House's worldwide experience and best practices developed by LGBTI activists in Russia and elsewhere, Freedom House helps give voice to Ukrainian LGBTI rights activists, to amplify their message, and to strengthen local groups' ability to push for greater respect for human rights.