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China: Freedom House Will Continue to Stand with Hong Kongers Seeking Democratic Freedoms


In response to reports that the Chinese Communist Party intends to impose sanctions on Freedom House and other organizations for engaging in “odious” behavior by supporting Hong Kong residents’ efforts to protect their basic freedoms, Freedom House issued the following statement:

“Freedom House has worked to uphold democracy and human rights around the world for 78 years. In keeping with that mission, we have stood with the people in Hong Kong who are demanding respect for their freedoms and calling on Beijing to live up to its obligations under the Sino-British Joint Declaration that governed the territory’s 1997 transfer to China. We do not look to the Chinese Communist Party for permission to support such legitimate goals,” said Michael J. Abramowitz, president of Freedom House.

“China’s bellicose threats are antithetical to democratic values and universal human rights. It is ‘odious’ to condone police violence against students and children, prevent accountability for such abuses, and reject the principle of universal suffrage. It is also ‘odious’ to suppress religious freedom, confine a million people to internment camps for forced indoctrination, and engage in relentless surveillance and intimidation of peaceful citizens,” Abramowitz continued.

“We offer solidarity to the people of Hong Kong, who need little guidance from others in standing up for their rights. Their recent district council elections, which demonstrated their overwhelming support for prodemocracy parties and candidates, are clear evidence of their desire for freedom. The Chinese Communist Party’s most recent actions will only strengthen our resolve as we continue to oppose its well-documented efforts to undermine fundamental human rights.”

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