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Months after an airstrike on a neighborhood populated by black Yemenis, or "Muhamasheen," more than a hundred buildings still remain in rubble and survivors continue to search for any valuables, Sana'a, Yemen, Oct. 9, 2015. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. 

Dokhi Fassihian
Theo Wilson

Yemen’s civil war, which is partly a proxy conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran, has claimed more than 10,000 lives and caused a humanitarian crisis. Ending the fighting must be a priority for the United States and the international community in 2017.

Credit: World Economic Forum. 

Freedom House has compiled the following questions for Rex Tillerson, whom President-elect Donald Trump has nominated to serve as secretary of state. Tillerson’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, January 11.

Credit: Stephen Smith (Creative Commons)

Tyler Roylance

Well-designed political institutions are essential for preserving democracy, but something more is needed to keep those institutions alive and well.

Credit: Ernie/Flickr

Sarah Cook

2016 has been a particularly bad year for non-state controlled media outlets in China.

KOD demonstration in Warsaw against surveillance law and recent government policies. Credit: Grzegorz Żukowski.

Zselyke Csaky

Law and Justice has run amok with its parliamentary majority, but the people are pushing back.

President Juan Manuel Santos

President Juan Manuel Santos.

The end of the left-wing insurgency could deprive other violent actors of cover and impunity for their attacks on human rights activists.

P.W. Botha

P.W. Botha. Credit: Sasa Kralj/Associated Press.

Paul Graham

The current government is returning to views on national sovereignty and “rule by law” that were once endorsed by the apartheid-era regime.

Joshua Wong. Photo Credit: Ring Ng (2014).

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong makes the case for self-determination and explains why the territory’s fate should matter to the world.

Jacob Zuma (Credit: GovernmentZA). 

David Lindgren

There remains little time for parties like the ANC to preserve their social justice legacies from continued abuse from top party leadership. 

Igor Dodon, the President-elect of Moldova and leader of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova. 


In the post-election environment, it is more important than ever that Moldova demonstrate its commitment to uphold freedom of expression.