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Mark P. Lagon
Senior Program Manager, Middle East and North Africa
Program Officer, Middle East and North Africa

Women’s rights have receded in Jordan, despite the monarchy’s progressive official stance and huge U.S. government investment in promoting democracy and human rights in the country.

In response to Jordan’s Lower House of Parliament passing a decentralization measure that no longer assures roles for women in local governing councils and allows the government to appoint 25 perce

Here are seven key countries (listed in alphabetical order) that have demonstrated little or no respect for human rights and should be opposed in their bids for seats on the Un Human Rights Council.

The arrest of two Jordanian activists on July 4 after attending a debate on the impact of Jordan’s press and publications law is illustrative of an ongoing crackdown by Jordanian authorities on free expression. Freedom House calls for the immediate release of both activists and for the government to allow for open public debate of the Press and Publications Law without fear of detention.


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