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Draft amendments to Jordan’s Press and Publications Law with regards to website content are the latest attempt by the Jordanian government to muzzle its critics and the media. Freedom House denounces these amendments as an affront to press freedom and calls upon the Jordanian parliament to vote against them.

The closure of a satellite channel in Jordan which aired views critical of royal officials is the latest in a series of moves by the government to muzzle its increasingly vocal critics.

Freedom House is worried for the safety and well-being of Omani activist Ammar Al Mamari, a law student in Jordan, who was recently threatened with deportation if he does not stop his activism.  If Al Mamari is forced to return to Oman, he will be unable to complete his studies and is likely to face formal charges.

Freedom House mourns the passing of Dianne Cullinane, a former Freedom House project director, who oversaw a highly successful women’s rights program in Jordan.


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