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Before the 2010 edition, Freedom in the World assessed Kosovo as a disputed territory. For the older Freedom in the World reports, see the Kosovo * page.

2.3 million people
3,520 USD GNI (PPP)
Partly Free
Partly Free

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Research Director, Europe & Eurasia

Despite the quiet reversal of hard-earned democratic gains in the Balkans over the last several years, the European Union accession process still seems to be stuck on autopilot.

Research Director, Europe & Eurasia

European leaders’ various reactions to the influx of migrants and refugees has inadvertently exposed a union that is pulling apart at the seams.


The EU should set explicit press freedom requirements for candidate countries and enforce these more strictly during the accession process.

In a new report, Freedom House highlights Russia's pivotal role in a decade-long decline in democracy among the countries of the post-Soviet sphere.


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