Before the 2010 edition, Freedom in the World assessed Kosovo as a disputed territory. For the older Freedom in the World reports, see the Kosovo * page.

2.3 million people
3,520 USD GNI (PPP)
Partly Free
Partly Free

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Research Analyst, Nations in Transit

European leaders’ various reactions to the influx of migrants and refugees has inadvertently exposed a union that is pulling apart at the seams.


Research Director, Freedom in the World and Freedom of the Press

The EU should set explicit press freedom requirements for candidate countries and enforce these more strictly during the accession process.

In a new report, Freedom House highlights Russia's pivotal role in a decade-long decline in democracy among the countries of the post-Soviet sphere.

Internet Freedom Intern

Long after the end of the Kosovo conflict, survivors of gender-based violence associated with the war continue to face political and social obstacles in their struggle for justice.


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