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None of the governments involved in the Qatar crisis are genuinely interested in independent media.

Freedom House is concerned by a new report detailing the continuation of exploitative and deadly conditions imposed on foreign workers in Qatar.  The Guardian newspaper published claims that at least 44 foreign workers have died due to poor work conditions in the past three months alone.  In a country where civil liberties and political rights are severely restricted for residents and citizens alike, foreign workers face especially repressive conditions.

The current situation in Russia has reignited the debate over whether it is acceptable for repressive, nondemocratic countries to host international sporting events. After all, many of these events, such as the Olympics and soccer’s European Cup, cite respect for human rights and the rejection of any form of discrimination as part of their mission statements and governing statutes. But if current trends are any guide, dictatorships will remain free to disregard those values and still host international events.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has gone to great lengths to market itself to the world as a cosmopolitan oasis and regional hub for education, culture, and finance. Substantial donations to New York University and the Sorbonne have lured these prestigious institutions to open satellite campuses in Abu Dhabi. The Guggenheim and Louvre have also expanded their collections to satellite museums in the Emirati capital. However, as the UAE authorities escalate their repression of civil society, the cracks in the country’s veneer of relative tolerance are becoming more apparent.


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