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This week, Tunisia’s National Constituent Assembly approved a new constitution, taking a crucial step forward in the democratic transition that began after the overthrow of President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011. The constitution has been widely hailed for its guarantees of fundamental human rights and civil liberties, including freedom of conscience, due process, and freedom of worship. But if Tunisian activists had not lobbied vigorously for the last-minute passage of amendments to safeguard media independence, the new constitution might have been received as a major defeat for freedom of the press.

As Egypt and Tunisia mark the third anniversary of their inspirational revolutions, the two countries find themselves on starkly different paths.


Freedom House congratulates Tunisia on the landmark passage of its new constitution on January 26, overcoming political polarization and instability and other serious threats to democracy.

تهنىء  مؤسسة بيت الحرية تونس بمناسبة تمرير الدستور  الجديد فى السادس والعشرين من يناير الجارى   والذى انهى حالة الاستقطاب السياسى وعدم  الاستقرار والتهديدات الاخرى للعملية الديمقراطية فى تونس 


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Freedom House supports democracy and human rights leaders across the Middle East and North Africa region in exposing human rights abuses and pressing for reform.


Freedom House has worked to strengthen freedom of expression and human rights in Tunisia, where the country’s recent efforts at democratic consolidation created opportunities to adopt new laws.