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 As Venezuela prepares for a presidential election on Sunday, an election in which potential opposition candidates are either jailed or prohibited from competing, and with an electoral system manipulated to favor the incumbent, making President Nicolas Maduro almost certain to win by default, Freedom House issued a statement.

Program Manager, Latin America and the Caribbean

Periodistas de investigación han desenmascarado la red de tráfico de drogas, sobornos y lavado de dinero que se extienden a toda América. 

Program Manager, Latin America and the Caribbean

Investigative journalists have uncovered trafficking, bribery, and money-laundering networks that reach across the Americas.

El Consejo Nacional Electoral declaro la victoria del presidente Maduro y el Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV), con 17 de 23 gobernadores en las elecciones del pasado domingo.


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