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Citizens' Perception Toward Civil Society: Ethiopia

The environment for civil society in Ethiopia is among the most restrictive in the world. The ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has overseen a continuous crackdown on opposition, independent media, and civil society. As the EPRDF marks 25 years in power, civil society groups struggle to maintain operations and keep their doors open.

Nations in Transit 2016

Europe and Eurasia face institutional and economic crises, including renewed nationalism and the erosion of freedom of movement, that threaten both the survival of the European Union and the stability of Eurasia’s entrenched dictatorships.


Freedom House works in Eurasia to protect professional and citizen journalists, to bolster activist capacity, and to support LGBTI rights activists.


Freedom House tracks the decline in freedom of association, speaks out against restrictions on civil society, supports local initiatives to defend civil society’s space, and provides emergency assistance to activists. 

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