The latest from Freedom House:

Weakening internet users’ privacy to aid law enforcement would likely do more harm than good.

Thousands of Rohingya refugees are denied internet access because Bangladesh requires mobile users to register with their national identity documents.

Два законопроекти, підтримані Президентом Петром Порошенком, становлять собою лише частину більш широкого наступу на групи громадянського суспільства, які ведуть боротьбу з корупцією.

Turkey convicted six journalists of attempting to overturn the constitutional order, and given aggravated life sentences.

Cyril Ramaphosa was elected as president of South Africa by the National Assembly, following resignation of Jacob Zuma. 

Two bills backed by President Poroshenko are part of a broader attack on civil society groups dedicated to fighting corruption.

Ethiopia's government released more than 700 political prisoners, in a historic move towards democratic governance.