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Russian authorities should condemn the recent attack on human rights defenders in Chechnya.

The United States has a vital role to play in making sure Ethiopia's upcoming election is free, fair, and democratic. 

Russian authorities continue to tightly restrict media in Crimea.

The United States should not extend unjustifiable blanket visa bans for entire countries.

Malawi should protect the rule of law and citizens' rights as the verdict on the country's disputed election arrives.

Poland's new "muzzle law" sets a dangerous precedent for antiliberal politicians in and outside Europe.

本期內容:2019年主要趨勢和顯著之處 關於中國全球媒體影響、中共推行意識形態、調查記者、對藝術創作的限制、在中國和香港的監視系統 以及2020年的關注關注