Armenia is in the midst of a significant transition following mass antigovernment protests and elections in 2018 that forced out an entrenched political elite. The new government has pledged to deal with long-standing problems including systemic corruption, opaque policymaking, a flawed electoral system, and weak rule of law. The country continues to be seriously affected by the 2020 conflict with Azerbaijan, which saw several months of fighting over control of the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Freedom on the Net 2023

Freedom on the Net — Armenia Country Report

Armenia is rated Free in Freedom on the Net, Freedom House's comprehensive study of internet freedom around the globe.

Our Work in Armenia

Freedom House works in Armenia to create spaces for dialogue among civil society, the government, policymakers, journalists, and the public to combat disinformation and defend democracy and fundamental freedoms.

Current Programs

Advancing Democratic Culture in Armenia

The unchecked spread of disinformation in Armenia takes advantage of existing societal vulnerabilities and threatens the fragile process of democratic reforms. Freedom House seeks to help Armenian civil society, the public and the government develop a common vision for a democratic Armenia.

This Freedom House project creates spaces for dialogue among civil society, the government, policymakers, journalists, and the public. Through research and analysis, support for grassroots initiatives, media literacy activities, advocacy, and convenings, Freedom House and partners aim to identify best practices to address disinformation in order to defend democracy and human rights in Armenia.

Current Partners: 

Iranian people in Izmir protest the death of Mahsa Amini by the morality police in Iran.

Freedom in the World — Armenia Country Report

Belarus is rated Partly Free in Freedom in the World 2023, Freedom House's annual study of political rights and civil liberties worldwide. 

Volunteers clean up the rubbles from a destroyed residential building in Borodyanka. Following the recapture of Borodyanka by the Ukrainian forces, the city was heavily devastated and turned into ruins under intense fighting and shelling.

Nations in Transit — Armenia Country Report

Armenia is categorized as a Transitional or Hybrid regime in Nations in Transit 2023, Freedom House's annual study on the state of democracy in the region stretching from Central Europe to Central Asia.

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