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  • 特寫:習近平進一步鉗緊媒體是一場賭博
  • 廣播 /紙媒:習近平視察旗艦國家媒體,闡述党管媒體的願景
  • 新媒體:習近平講話後,社交媒體敢言的評論者遭到集體清洗
  • 廣播 / 新媒體:又一個人‘電視認罪’, 對網路活動人士的懲罰
  • 廣播 / 新媒體: 對電視節目、網路劇進行沒有先例的限制
  • 中國之外:泰國難民,孟加拉展覽,美國制裁
  • 未來看點
  • 特写:习近平进一步钳紧媒体是一场赌博
  • 广播 /纸媒:习近平视察旗舰国家媒体,阐述党管媒体的愿景
  • 新媒体:习近平讲话后,社交媒体敢言的评论者遭到集体清洗
  • 广播 / 新媒体:又一个人‘电视认罪’, 对网络活动人士的惩罚
  • 广播 / 新媒体:对电视节目、网络剧进行没有先例的限制
  • 中国之外:泰国难民,孟加拉展览,美国制裁
  • 未来看点
pu zhiqiang
  • Another televised ‘confession,’ penalties for online activists
  • Xi Jinping visits flagship state media, lays out vision for party control
  • Outspoken social-media commentators purged after Xi speech
  • Another televised ‘confession,’ penalties for online activists
  • Unprecedented restrictions imposed on TV programs, online streaming
  • Beyond China: Thailand refugees, Bangladesh exhibit, U.S. sanctions
  • What to Watch For

Freedom in the World 2015 found that the main factors driving the decline were the passage and use of restrictive laws against the media and and limits on the ability of local and foreign journalists to report freely within a given country.



Senior Program Officer, Eurasia, Southeast Asia

Lauren Galacia is the Senior Program Officer for the Southeast Asia programs.  Prior to joining Freedom House, she oversaw the development and implementation of citizen engagement programs throughout Asia and Eurasia, with a focus on Thailand and Burma.


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Freedom House helps LGBTI rights groups in Southeast Asia to push back against the tide of intolerance.