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Деякі заходи протидії російській загрозі можуть завдати шкоди крихким демократичним інститутам.

Some measures to counter the Russian threat could harm fragile democratic institutions.

Program Officer, Eurasia

Newcomers made surprising gains after a flawed process, but entrenched incumbents may hang on to the levers of power.

Program Officer, Eurasia

A reformist candidate won the vote, but in an ominous sign for upcoming national elections, the outcome was nixed on a dubious technicality.


Signature Reports

Special Reports

Promise and Reversal: The Post-Soviet Landscape Twenty Years On

“Promise and Reversal: The Post-Soviet Landscape Twenty Years On,” marks the 20th anniversary of the failed Soviet coup of August 19, 1991. The retrospective essay examines the changes in the political rights and civil liberties in the former Soviet Union over the last two decades, as well as includes graphs and rankings that illustrate the region's performance in the annual Freedom House publications Freedom in the World and Freedom of the Press. The report  concludes that there is a serious and disturbing failure to embrace democratic institutions in most of the post-Soviet region.


Freedom House implements the multi-year Mobilizing Civil Society to Support Judicial Integrity in the Republic of Moldova project, which aims to support justice sector reform in Moldova by creating an environment in which the public is better informed about ongoing developments in the country’s justice sector and how they impact citizens’ daily lives.


Through collaboration with partner civil society organizations in the country, Freedom House aims to boost capacity in civil society to effectively monitor media and to improve the legal and regulatory environment for independent media.


Freedom House, în colaborare cu Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, solicită cereri de finanțare și suport din partea organizațiilor neguvernamentale și coalițiilor, care își propun să întreprindă acțiuni de sensibilizare cu privire la libertatea presei, libertatea de exprimare și presa independentă în Republica Moldova.


Freedom House совместно с Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation принимает заявки на финансовую поддержку от местных зарегистрированных неправительственных организаций и коалиций, стремящихся повысить осведомленность о свободе печати, свободе выражения мнений и независимых средствах массовой информации в Республике Молдовa.


Freedom House, in collaboration with the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, invites applications for funding and support from local, registered non-governmental organizations and coalitions that seek to raise awareness about press freedom, freedom of expression, and independent media in the Republic of Moldova.