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  • 特寫:習近平進一步鉗緊媒體是一場賭博
  • 廣播 /紙媒:習近平視察旗艦國家媒體,闡述党管媒體的願景
  • 新媒體:習近平講話後,社交媒體敢言的評論者遭到集體清洗
  • 廣播 / 新媒體:又一個人‘電視認罪’, 對網路活動人士的懲罰
  • 廣播 / 新媒體: 對電視節目、網路劇進行沒有先例的限制
  • 中國之外:泰國難民,孟加拉展覽,美國制裁
  • 未來看點
Senior Research Analyst for East Asia

Xi’s quest to control China’s media may bring unintended consequences.

  • 对中国政治犯的家人来说,这是一个阴影笼罩下的春节
  • 中文媒体不知如何报导台湾历史性选举
  • 瑞典NGO工作者和台湾歌星录像“道歉”
  • 流行网络电视系列被下线,互联网录像受到新一轮打压
  • 跨境绑架书商引发抗议和自我审查
  • 好莱坞收购,天安门图片出售,黑客攻击少数民族
  • 未来看点


taiwan election bunny
  • Feature: For Families of Political Prisoners, a Shadow Hangs over Chinese New Year
  • Chinese media struggle to cover historic Taiwan elections
  • Popular online TV series deleted in new crackdown on internet video
  • Hong Kong: Cross-border abductions of booksellers prompt protests, self-censorship
  • Beyond China: Hollywood acquisition, Tiananmen photo sale, hacker attacks on minorities
  • What to Watch For



Senior Vice President for Research

Advocacy Manager

Annie Wilcox Boyajian is Advocacy Manager at Freedom House, and leads Freedom House's advocacy to the U.S. Congress and collaboration with American human rights groups.

Research Analyst, Freedom on the Net

Madeline Earp is the Asia research analyst for Freedom on the Net, Freedom House's annual index of global internet freedom.


Signature Reports

Special Reports

China Report: The Politburo's Predicament

The Politburo’s Predicament examines the evolution of the censorship and internal security apparatus under the leadership of Xi Jinping and the overall degree of repression that has increased since Xi rose to power.


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