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Senior Research Analyst for East Asia

2016 has been a particularly bad year for non-state controlled media outlets in China.

  • 特寫:北京2016年審查的重點
  • 獨立新聞在中國艱難求生
  • 少數民族因言論表達而遭拘禁的人數超過活動人士和記者的人數
  • 收緊對微信、流影像、以及外國技術公司的審查
  • 香港:來自北京的干預對媒體的寒蟬效應
  • 中國之外:‘網路主權’,孔子學院教室,一些讓步
  • 2017年展望

Media and internet controls tightened in China during 2016, even as government censorship and propaganda tactics expanded beyond the country’s borders. 

rebel pepper cartoon china environmental protest
  • Feature: Beijing’s top censorship priorities in 2016
  • Minorities outnumber activists, journalists in expression-related incarcerations
  • Censors tighten grip on WeChat, video streaming, and foreign tech firms



Advocacy Manager

Annie Wilcox Boyajian is Advocacy Manager at Freedom House, and leads Freedom House's advocacy to the U.S. Congress and collaboration with American human rights groups.

Research Analyst, Freedom on the Net

Madeline Earp is the Asia research analyst for Freedom on the Net, Freedom House's annual index of global internet freedom.

Distinguished Fellow for Democracy Studies


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China Report: The Politburo's Predicament

The Politburo’s Predicament examines the evolution of the censorship and internal security apparatus under the leadership of Xi Jinping and the overall degree of repression that has increased since Xi rose to power.


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