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Two years into Xi Jinping’s presidency, all hope that China’s new leader could morph into a liberal reformer seems to have vanished. 

Democratic Governance

Unlike predecessors such as Deng Xiaoping or Taiwan’s Chiang Ching-kuo, Chinese president Xi Jinping appears unlikely to leave his country freer than he found it.

Arch Puddington
Vice President for Research

Beijing demands recognition of its remarkable economic achievements over the past few decades, but it also insists on immunity from criticism of its fierce hostility to political change. 

Sarah Cook
Senior Research Analyst for East Asia

Near-term prospects for media and internet freedom in China are grim. Baa.


Senior Research Analyst for East Asia


Senior Advocacy Officer

Annie Boyajian is Senior Advocacy Officer at Freedom House, and leads Freedom House's advocacy to the U.S. Congress and collaboration with American human rights groups.

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Special Reports

China Report: The Politburo's Predicament

The Politburo’s Predicament examines the evolution of the censorship and internal security apparatus under the leadership of Xi Jinping and the overall degree of repression that has increased since Xi rose to power.


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