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Nate Schenkkan

Project Director, Nations in Transit

Nate Schenkkan is the Project Director for Nations in Transit, Freedom House’s annual survey of democratic governance from Central Europe to Eurasia.  He previously served as Senior Program Officer for Freedom House’s Eurasia programs, covering Turkey and Central Asia. His recent research on Central Asia focuses on the regional economic crisis and the evolution of the Eurasian Economic Union treaty in the wake of the Ukrainian revolution. He is the creator and host of “The Central Asianist Podcast,” a regular interview series with experts and journalists covering the region. Prior to joining Freedom House in 2012, he worked as a journalist in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. His reporting and analysis has been published in Foreign Affairs Online, The Atlantic Online, Eurasianet, World Politics Review, and Russian Analytical Digest. He was the lead researcher and co-author of two Freedom House special reports including The Struggle for Turkey's Internet and Democracy in Crisis: Corruption, Media and Power in Turkey.  


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