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China Media Bulletin

Everything you need to know about China’s changing media landscape

The monthly China Media Bulletin provides unique insight on censorship, media freedom, and internet freedom issues related to the People’s Republic of China, drawing on both English and Chinese-language sources.

Past Issues:

In this issue: How Communist Party scoring schemes incentivize repression, propaganda is going digital, and suppression of Uighurs and cultural censorship extend far beyond China’s borders.

In this issue: Censorship and surveillance in the Year of the Pig, China’s defense of Huawei, Twitter crackdown, and Beijing influence in New Zealand, Thailand, and Zambia

In this issue: Top 2018 trends in censorship, surveillance, and propaganda within China and in the Communist Party’s campaign to increase its media influence abroad, how circumvention tools are faring in the wake of a VPN crackdown and what to watch for in 2019.

In this issue: Foreign propaganda and economic censorship increase amid U.S.-China friction, Xinjiang crackdown fuels investment questions, Hong Kong expels foreign editor, and Beijing cashes in on Africa influence to restrict speech.

In this issue: How tech firms are boosting China's cyberpower, latest long prison sentences and detentions meted out for free speech, and how the United States is responding to globalizing Communist Party censorship and propaganda as it also reaches South Africa and Mexico.

In this issue: China's expanding surveillance state, latest crackdown on news and humor apps, behind-the-scenes of televised confessions, and a Hong Kong press freedom survey.

In this issue: How Xi’s power grab may undermine the party’s long-term survival, censorship of NPC, reprisals against Uighurs, and responses to Chinese government meddling on U.S. campuses

In this issue: How various actors around the world are resisting Beijing's influence, censorship surrounding the New Year Gala and #MeToo in China, and the latest tech updates.

In this Issue: Analysis of leaked censorship directives, key 2017 journalism and internet trends, big stories that slipped through censors, and Hong Kong digital media making an impact

In this issue: China’s stealthy holiday crackdowns, netizen outcries over migrant evictions and child abuse, Trump’s China visit, and how pressure on foreigners to censor reached an Australian publisher, Ghanaian cartoonist, and pop star Katy Perry.