China Media Bulletin

Everything you need to know about China’s changing media landscape

The monthly China Media Bulletin provides unique insight on censorship, media freedom, and internet freedom issues related to the People’s Republic of China, drawing on both English and Chinese-language sources.

Past Issues:

In this issue: China’s stealthy holiday crackdowns, netizen outcries over migrant evictions and child abuse, Trump’s China visit, and how pressure on foreigners to censor reached an Australian publisher, Ghanaian cartoonist, and pop star Katy Perry. 

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In this issue: What the 19th Party Congress means for China’s media policy at home and abroad, latest surveillance and censorship innovations, and how Beijing’s investments are shaping African media.

In this issue: New innovations in censorship, Hong Kong campus tensions, and how Communist Party influence is undermining freedom in key democracies and the United Nations

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In this issue: Censorship ahead of 19th Party Congress, surveillance upgrades, and how Chinese content restrictions are reaching Cambridge, Italy, and California.

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In this issue: China's newest censorship methods, updates on the cybersecurity law, and Xi's visit to Hong Kong.

In this issue: China’s upcoming internet restrictions, continued crackdown on lawyers, and the Great Firewall game.

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In this issue: Beijing’s top censorship priorities in 2016, incarceration rates for activist minorities and journalists, and China’s tightening grip on WeChat.

In this issue: The global reach of China’s censors, netizen reactions to U.S. presidential debates, and stifled news of Wukan crackdown.

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China’s assault on dissent, liberal party journal closure, and K-Pop stars caught in missile defense crossfire.

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In this issue: Analysis of Xi Jinping’s tech speech, new blocks on foreign content due to trade concerns, and new internet regulation updates on WeChat rules and online TV.